Hosting the IndieWorks Film Screening 2016 with CC Productions

CC productions Indie Works Festival13012596_1069751626431481_6386686999044243767_n

Guess what? No Guess Watch

Recording Studio                                                 SHOOTING COMMERCIAL FOR THE GUESS SMART WATCH

Grazia Magazine is out in stores now!

Geazia Magazine  (1)Geazia Magazine  (2)

Last witch hunter premiere

Last Witch hunter premiere NYC                                                                 Inspiring night with Lotte Verbeek at her  premiere of The last Witch Hunter

Festivals 2015

New Filmmakers NY Festival                                                                   ”We had plans” by Christina Raia has been screened at 3 festivals this summer  ”Picture Start Festival”  ”Directed by Women” and at ”New Filmmakers” in the Anthology Cinema in Manhattan.


Overexposed NY                                                          Overexposed the Columbian American film by Juan David Castilla wrapped a couple months ago. Shot the last scenes in NYC with Bautista Duarte


Overexposed Colombian&American film by Juan David Castilla

Overexposed                                                                                                                                                                                  Shooting in Colombia,Bogota has finished now continuing in NYC to be             continued…

Seeing the world upside down!

foto (20)                                                                                                                                                                                     Hanging up side down shooting SAP commercial in Holland 

New Article out

Link : interview

Film shoot in Milan Italy by Elena dalmasso

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